[RFC-24] USE_MAPSCRIPT configure flag

Tamas Szekeres szekerest at GMAIL.COM
Wed May 23 11:09:58 EDT 2007


As far as I can see those changes are mostly related to encapsulate
the refcount related code between #ifdef USE_MAPSCRIPT which is quite
acceptable by me. However I couldn't follow the changes related to
mapparser.h (it might be correct though).

The main issue is that the default option is 'not using mapscript'
that might be a problem for some of the existing projects, however I
can eventually live with this change and modify the buildbot settings
accordingly. Wouldn't it be feasible to enable this option by default?
Aren't the RFC-24 changes beneficial for the mapserver cgi app and the
related tools?

This option should also be added to the windows makefiles through nmake.opt.

Is the RFC-24 complete with these changes? How about '3.6 Always give
object ownership to SWIG' for example?

Best regards,


2007/5/23, Umberto Nicoletti <umberto.nicoletti at gmail.com>:
> I have been working to fully implement item 3.1 of rfc24 and in
> particular the USE_MAPSCRIPT flag.
> I am attaching here and on trac (at
> https://trac.osgeo.org/mapserver/ticket/2032)
> a patch that implements exactly 3.1.
> I am not applying the patch right away, but wait for your review
> because it could break the build bots or other stuff you might have
> pending in mapscript.
> The patch also improves the build process for perl, python and ruby by
> automagically running swig when the wrapper code is not present.
> Unless there are objections I will apply this patch later tomorrow
> (which means about midday for those living in the Americas ;-)).
> Regards,
> Umberto

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