IRC Meeting Minutes

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at SWOODBRIDGE.COM
Wed May 23 11:30:30 EDT 2007

Daniel Morissette wrote:
> Howard Butler wrote:
>> -- Outstanding RFCs:
>>   -- RFC 19 - almost complete
>>   -- RFC 25 - updated last night, will circulate ASAP
>>   -- RFC 24 - dust mostly settled on this one
>>   -- AGG RFC forthcoming
>>   -- loadfromstring RFC forthcoming
>>   -- Daniel/Assefa coordinating a possible WMS 1.3 RFC
>>   -- log/debug redesign RFC from Daniel forthcoming
>>   -- dynamic charting RFC from Daniel forthcoming
>>   -- RFC 6 (COLORRANGE) was discussed.  
> There's also "RFC 27: Label Priority" that I sent to this list yesterday.
> Daniel

I did not bring these up in the meeting but there are two items I would 
like to see considered for 5.0 if any developer would like to work on 
them. I would be happy to provide support to the extent I can with 
design issues, algorithms, testing.

1) the bit mapped label-cache handling that Steve and I started 
discussing earlier this year. I roughed out an RFC in email to Steve. 
Steve are you still interested in this?

2) Ticket #1592, this is not a critical one but I think it would be a 
cool labeling feature to have in mapserver.

-Steve W

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