MS-RFC-27: Label Priority

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at MAPGEARS.COM
Thu May 24 16:14:01 EDT 2007

Steve Lime wrote:
> Regarding priority binding. You wouldn't add a new keyword, rather you'd support
> both inline setting of priority (e.g. PRIORITY 5) and via binding (e.g. PRIORITY [prioritycol]).
> I didn't read the RFC to see PRIORITY is a label or class parameter. Right now labels
> and styles support bindings but classes could too if necessary.

PRIORITY is a LABEL parameter. I had not looked at the way RFC-19 was 
implemented yet, I just had a quick look and it seems that PRIORITY 
binding will fit very well in the current system.

I'll add info about that to RFC-27.

> Would suggest a quick macro for any priority bounds testing so it could be used during
> a mapfile parse as well (MS_IS_VALID_LABEL_PRIORITY).

Good idea. I'll add that too.

Daniel Morissette

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