Motion to add members to PSC...

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at MAPGEARS.COM
Fri May 25 15:57:18 EDT 2007



Steve Lime wrote:
> Hi all: In an effort to move the PSC along towards full-strength I would like to propose adding the following individuals (if they are interested) to the committee:
>   - Tom Kralidis
>   - Jeff McKenna
>   - Umberto Nicoletti 
>   - Tamas Szekeres 
> All of them are very active with MapServer in multiple areas (evangelism, user support, QA/QC/testing, code development, documentation/website development, distribution packaging) and seem committed to doing so moving forward. This proposal certainly does not preclude adding other folks and hopefully gets us past the initial awkwardness of the transition from TSC to PSC.
> Steve

Daniel Morissette

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