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Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at SWOODBRIDGE.COM
Wed May 30 16:52:20 EDT 2007

pablo zader wrote:
> *Hi friends. I need to know if the project MapServer was developed on a 
> model of Engineering software, that is to say, on a formal model (or 
> semi-formal) and if it is this way, need to know if this available above 
> mentioned documentation. I wait for his help. Thank you very much *
> -- 
> Pablo Zader


I do not think mapserver was developed based on a formal model of 
software engineering. The project was started by Steve Lime and he 
designed and built the fundamental engine. Over time various other 
contributors have added significantly to the project.

Over the last few years we have add a more formal process around making 
changes. We generate RFC for major changes that are reviewed and 
commented on by the dev team, we vote on these and then the developer 
that has made the proposal implements it. The voting is done by a PSC 
(Project Steering Committee) which is made up of mostly developers but a 
few power users also.

You can read more about this in the RFC 1 and some other s on the 
mapserver website under the Development link.

Hope this helps.

-Steve W.

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