Motion: Include MS SQL Server 2008 Native Driver in 5.2

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at MAPGEARS.COM
Tue Nov 13 08:14:44 EST 2007

Howard Butler wrote:
> All,
> I would like to motion to include a native driver for Microsoft SQL 
> Server 2008 in time for the MapServer 5.2 release.  The driver was 
> developed by I.S. Consulting, it exists (and would continue to) as a 
> plugin, links against the ODBC libs, and is Windows-only (there's a 
> chance it could be made to work elsewhere).  I will take responsibility 
> for maintenance of the driver for the foreseeable future (patches 
> graciously accepted, however :) ).
> For the corresponding MapServer 5.2 MS4W release, I expect that we will 

Personally I'd like to see a RFC for any new functionality. The RFCs are 
not useful only for controversial changes, they are also useful to 
document simple feature additions when we publish betas and new releases 
(and when documentation lags behind).

For instance, what does the connection string look like? Provide a few 
examples of layer definitions. Are there restrictions on the supported 
geometry types, MSSQL versions, projections, etc? Are there performance 
issues to be aware of?

I -0 on the proposal without RFC. (And would be +1 with a RFC.)

Daniel Morissette

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