pre rfc draft on rendering

thomas bonfort thomas.bonfort at GMAIL.COM
Wed Nov 14 06:45:03 EST 2007

On Nov 13, 2007 8:05 PM, Yewondwossen Assefa <yassefa at> wrote:
>   simple case is for example swf and pdf drivers use the GD driver to
> draw the rasters into a temporary image and integrate them in their
> "document". Would that be possible in this architecture? Mainly I think
> would the different renderers be able to redefine "high level" functions
> such ad DrawRasterLayer ?

What I've essentially been looking into is the lower level rendering
of vector primitives. I don't think there will be a need to
significantly modify the functions that are above the msDrawXXXSymbol
functions in mapdraw.c , so my impression here is that the current
behaviour for these renderers would go unchanged.

As for raster layers, I still can't come up with an elegant way to
treat them elegantly *and* efficiently.

> I have started taking notes on how the different interface functions
> proposed would fit with the swf, pdf and svg and I am willing to put
> some time toward this if we generally agree to go forward with the
> proposition.

that didn't fall on deaf ears ;) given the task at hand and my limited
knowledge on the svg/pdf/swf side, I was going for unifying the agg
and gd functions as a first step. If we can get the others done at the
same time it would be really much better, so I'm really looking
forward to working this out with you if we go onto this.


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