RFC 36 revised, call for vote (or more comments)...

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at MAPGEARS.COM
Fri Nov 30 17:00:05 EST 2007

Steve Lime wrote:
>> 1- OUTPUTFORMATs are for rendering maps, but templates operate only on 
>> query resultsets... so we end up with some OUTPUTFORMATs that work only 
>> for queries which feels a bit clunky... or did I miss something?
> The way I think about it is that maps are really just queries, a bounding box
> query and the rest is presentation. Converting to a raster or converting to
> converting to a text representation is simply the next step after identifying
> which features to process.

Okay, so you could use mode=map (or WMS GetMap) with a template based 
OUTPUTFORMAT? I guess I had missed that... that makes me feel better.

Daniel Morissette

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