RFC 36 revised, call for vote (or more comments)...

Steve Lime Steve.Lime at DNR.STATE.MN.US
Fri Nov 30 17:21:53 EST 2007

> Okay, so you could use mode=map (or WMS GetMap) with a template based 
> OUTPUTFORMAT? I guess I had missed that... that makes me feel better.
> Daniel

I meant how I think about it in my head (conceptually), not necessarily how the 
implementation would go, at least at first. You didn't see it because it's not there.

We will have some OUTPUTFORMATS that can only be used for query presentation.

That's not to say it isn't possible. The issue is that features gathered from a query
have all their attributes available, features gathered for rendering don't, they have
just enough to be classified, symbolized and labeled (as determined by msLayerWhichItems).
To "draw" a to an HTML file we'd need to treat a feature identically for "drawing"
and "querying". I think we'll get there but aren't there yet. That's a limitation in the
drawing pipeline and nothing this RFC could fix. It may be that the performance
savings from optimizing the returned attribute set justifies keeping things different.

Note that I do have another RFC in my head based on some discussions we had
prior to 5.0 being released about refactoring msLayerWhichItems() that will move
this along and make performance testing easier.


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