KML output

Hal Mueller halmueller at GMAIL.COM
Tue Oct 2 04:28:18 EDT 2007

On 10/1/07, Alessandro Pasotti <ale.pas at> wrote:
do you think it is too difficult to have an abstract xml
> renderer and some kind of decorator to produce final output?

That seems reasonable to me (I don't know the GML or GPX formats though).

I believe your goal is much more focused than Google's.  Your idea
would produce a useful, usable, extensible tool quickly.  Google,
though, needs to implement the hairiest edge cases (nested KML calling
tiled KML with all manner of points, lines, and polygons), and must
parse everything they write.

You would be emitting a subset of the KML spec, and I think that's
just fine (indeed, that's pretty much what I was pitching to Google in
my 1-on-1 Thursday).


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