MapServer 5.0 WMS, requiring styles...

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at MAPGEARS.COM
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Oh, and I plan to update the RFC when I have a minute based on what I 
proposed earlier in this thread and with which at least Frank and Bart 
seemed to agree, and I don't think anyone else objected to:

"I'd be more in favor of calling the options "pedantic" (with its 
negative connotation) and "permissive", with permissive being the 
default, and for the time being stating in the RFC that STYLES is the 
only parameter that changes behavior in permissive mode... and that 
adding more exceptions in the permissive mode should not be taken 
lightly as this encourages misuse of the specs and bloats the code with 
unnecessary exceptions."


Kralidis,Tom [Burlington] wrote:
> FYI I've started a note to Google Earth Help via Google Groups (I think
> this is the right place) at:
> 86cbed1
> ..Tom
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>> Comments on STYLES= :
>> - So if one builds MapServer and wants, say, WFS support, 
>> --with-wfs, for example, means "sorta WFS", and you would 
>> need additional mapfile metadata to ensure WFS proper?
>> - if someone wants to serve up quick and dirty maps, then CGI 
>> mode mode=map&... is great for that
>> - I think this introduces a long term hassle just to band-aid 
>> this particular issue
>> - In MapServer's case, because we don't support multiple WMS 
>> STYLES, STYLES= or STYLES=default is what we support.  
>> If/when we ever support multiple WMS STYLES (I think I came 
>> across this a week or so ago), then STYLES= becomes 
>> especially important.
>> I think this is an example of a circumstance on a relatively 
>> lax implemented (i.e.alot of WMS software implements the 
>> venerable 'default', but they implement it nonetheless), but 
>> REQUIRED, parameter in an OGC spec, which has little 
>> relevance to the MapServer world, hence the evolution of this 
>> issue, IMHO.
>> From the service provider point of view, you either want to 
>> support OGC specifications or you don't.  Having all sorts of 
>> hooks in the code as a result of, say, ticket 1088, is not 
>> the way to go.
>> At the same time, there are a lot of users who are tripped up 
>> in the WMS clients now.  My question then is that the 
>> software they use to connect to MapServer via WMS will 
>> trigger a ServiceException on ANY WMS server (CubeWerx, etc.) 
>> implementation.  So this is as much a Google Earth or ArcIMS issue.
>> hobu warned me...
>> ..Tom
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>> Subject: Re: [UMN_MAPSERVER-DEV] MapServer 5.0 WMS, requiring 
>> styles...
>> Frank Warmerdam wrote:
>>> I will write a tiny RFC on this issue.
>> Folks,
>> Following up on this, the RFC is at:
>> I would appreciate comment for a day or two and then I will 
>> call for a vote.
>> Best regards,
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