OWS Capabilities Metadata and WCS

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Sounds good!  Correct, mapowscommon.c is to be reused by calling standards, like WCS 1.1.0, WFS 1.1.0.  mapogcsos.c is an example of integration for SOS 1.0.0.  Your WCS 1.1.0 upgrade is another perfect example.  You'll see that using libxml2 makes things much easier for XML output.

As well, I've made some small notes at: http://trac.osgeo.org/mapserver/wiki/UsingMapOWSCommon

Other questions:

- mapwcs.c uses msIO_printf.  How are you going to support WCS 1.1.0, which uses libxml2?  This is going to be a recurring question as more OGC standards support OWS Common, and that mapowscommon.c uses libxml2 to build the XML constructs.
- currently, mapowscommon.c is wrapped in #ifdef USE_SOS_SVR.  We'll want to make this more generic (USE_OWSCOMMON or USE_LIBXML2, suggestions?)

Let me know how things go.  I can help test, etc.  Comments on mapowscommon.c are valued if possible.


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I'm working on WCS 1.1 support in mapserver and WCS 1.1 uses OWSCommon for
lots of stuff in the capabilities document.  I'm starting to look at the
mapowscommon.c code.  This is intended to be reusable for other ows common
based services, right?  I see it is libxml based so I'm going to have to
consider doing the WCS 1.1 stuff that way (or at least the capabilities

Anything else I should be aware of?

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