[mapserver-dev] Support for the AGG renderer in drawLegendIcon.

Steve Lime Steve.Lime at dnr.state.mn.us
Thu Aug 14 00:47:23 EDT 2008

Seems ok to me as we can always fix the internals later.


>>> "Tamas Szekeres" <szekerest at gmail.com> 08/13/08 5:24 PM >>>
Hi All,

I'd like to add AGG renderer support when creating the legend icons
from the mapscript interface. The corresponding function in class.i
would look something like:

int drawLegendIcon(mapObj *map, layerObj *layer, int width, int
height, imageObj *dstImage, int dstX, int dstY) {
      if(map->outputformat->renderer == MS_RENDER_WITH_AGG)
          return msDrawLegendIconAGG(map, layer, self, width, height,
dstImage, dstX, dstY);
          return msDrawLegendIcon(map, layer, self, width, height,
dstImage->img.gd, dstX, dstY);

Any objections to apply such change?

I'd personally prefer including this stuff in the msDrawLegendIcon
itself, however if would require to change other portions of the code
like msDrawLegend in the mapserver core, and function above should
pass dstImage instead of dstImage->img.gd.

Best regards,

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