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Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Wed Aug 20 11:41:32 EDT 2008

You could look at the way the Apache version string is parsed in 
MapServer's configure.in.

To mkae this simpler in the future, perhaps it's time to add 
MS_VERSION_NUM to mapserver.h similar to what we have in GDAL, e.g.

#  define MS_VERSION_MAJOR    5
#  define MS_VERSION_MINOR    2
#  define MS_VERSION_REV      0

#  define MS_VERSION_NUM 

Then your code could use

#if MS_VERSION_NUM >= 50200 /* Use OGR Style C API */

If you file a ticket and there are no objections then I'll add this. We 
could also backport to 5.2.1 to make this useful immediately.


Stephen Woodbridge wrote:
> Hi all,
> Could someone familiar with configure scripts help me with how to detect 
> which version of code I'm trying configure and build with. I have a C 
> application that links with mapserver.a and occasionally I run into 
> changes like below that I need to detect and set an appropriate DEFINE 
> so I can code around this if #ifdef blocks.
> 5.0.3
> int msQueryByPoint(mapObj *map, int qlayer, int mode, pointObj p, double 
> buffer)
> 5.2.0
> int msQueryByPoint(mapObj *map, int qlayer, int mode, pointObj p, double 
> buffer, int maxresults)
> I have a very basic automake, autoconf script that works ok, but I need 
> to figure out how to add code to check for the above or to check if the 
> mapserver version is 5.2.0 or greater.
> Any help, suggestions or pointers would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
>   -Steve W
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Daniel Morissette

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