[mapserver-dev] Re: RFCs

Howard Butler hobu.inc at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 12:09:53 EST 2008

On Nov 27, 2008, at 9:13 AM, Howard Butler wrote:

> All,
> This is a notice to let you know that all RFCs are to be edited from/ 
> within subversion, and not on the Plone site.  Additionally, while  
> reviewing the RFCs and tweaking the ReStructured text, I noticed  
> there were a number of them that had no status information, or did  
> not state which version of the software they were implemented for.   
> We probably need some sort of styling document describing the  
> terminology and protocol for RFCs, but I'd hate to write an RFC on  
> how to write an RFC ;)
> http://svn.osgeo.org/mapserver/trunk/docs/development/rfc/
> Howard

Here's 2.8 mb of MapServer documentation goodness :)


739 pages, doesn't have any TOC or indexes yet, but should give you an  
idea where things are going.   After some consideration, I decided the  
ability to cross reference the RFCs made having them in subversion  
more valuable than having them in trac.

http://iowa.hobu.biz/msdocs/build/html/index.html still for HTML  

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