[mapserver-dev] RFC49: mapfile simplifications and symbology enhancements

thomas bonfort thomas.bonfort at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 05:17:36 EST 2008


Not sure if the changes warrant a full blown RFC, but as there quite a
number of them I've regrouped them.


These changes are/were all in RFC45, but were extracted to keep things
moving on as some of the stuff in rfc45 lacks funding in the near

You can see it in action here on openstreetmap data:
nothing that's impossible to do with the current mapfile keywords
(except for polygon label placement, and thin lines thanks to
fractional size/widths), but the mapfile maintainance and creation is
greatly simplified, as e.g. roads are mostly defined with a single
class whatever the scale (using a combination of sizeunits at the
layer level, and min/max width and min/max scale at the style level)


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