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Thu Dec 4 20:22:04 EST 2008

MapServer's interpretation of size through an attribute binding is
literal. That is, the value
in the column is used as the size in pixels. Since you set a max scale
it makes sense you
see all size 43.

In that case your suggestion makes sense although I'm not sure the best
way to implement.

I don't think strictly following the charting syntax makes sense since
we'd then have two ways
to bind attributes which would get confusing. Any ideas?


>>> "Karsten Hoffmann" <khoffmann at> 12/04/08 5:59
AM >>>
Hi Thomas,

I’m not sure if I understand what you mean. 

I tried your proposition with Mapserver 5.2. But all circles have the
size (43 pixel):

  NAME        population
  TYPE         POINT
  STATUS    default
  DATA         Lan_point.shp
    NAME 'Population'
        SYMBOL 'circle'
        SIZE [poptotal]
        MINSIZE 18
        MAXSIZE 43
        OUTLINECOLOR 0 0 0
        COLOR 0 0 255

The sizes of the circles should vary depending on the number of
habitants. I
don’t want to preprocess the population data. At the moment I calculate
sizes of the circles by myself and write them in a new field (pop_size)
the attribute table. 
The Style is then:

        SYMBOL 'circle'
        SIZE [pop_size]
        OUTLINECOLOR 0 0 0
        COLOR 0 0 255

The population varies from around 5000 to 30000 habitants. The sizes of
circles should vary from 18 to 43.

With a Chart-Layer it is very comfortable to define this:

PROCESSING "CHART_SIZE_RANGE=poptotal 18 43 5000 30000"

But I don’t want to have a pie chart with slices here just a simple


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karsten, if I understant your request correctly, MapServer already has

 SYMBOL "circle"
 SIZE [population]

you'll probably want to preprocess the [population] in your data
request (to add steps, or scaling)


On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 11:45, Karsten Hoffmann
<khoffmann at> wrote:
> Dear developers,
> I would like to ask for another feature which could be perhaps
included in
> this RFC.
> Since version 5.2 it's possible to bind the size of pie charts to an
> attribute (
> PROCESSING "CHART_SIZE_RANGE=itemname minsize maxsize minval maxval"
> This would also be useful for point symbols as simple diagrams without
> slices or bars. The idea is to have a symbol, let's say a filled
circle or
> square, which varies continuously in size. The size is bound to an
> for example the absolute number of habitants of different countries.
> This would be a useful feature for thematic mapping. Is it possible to
> implement this?
> Best regards
> Karsten Hoffmann
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> symbologyenhancements
> Hi,
> Not sure if the changes warrant a full blown RFC, but as there quite a
> number of them I've regrouped them.
> .txt
> These changes are/were all in RFC45, but were extracted to keep things
> moving on as some of the stuff in rfc45 lacks funding in the near
> future.
> You can see it in action here on openstreetmap data:
> nothing that's impossible to do with the current mapfile keywords
>> greatly simplified, as e.g. roads are mostly defined with a single
> class whatever the scale (using a combination of sizeunits at the
> layer level, and min/max width and min/max scale at the style level)
> regards,
> thomas
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