AW: [mapserver-dev] RFC49: mapfile simplifications andsymbologyenhancements

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at
Fri Dec 5 10:06:09 EST 2008

Steve Lime wrote:
> MapServer's interpretation of size through an attribute binding is
> literal. That is, the value
> in the column is used as the size in pixels. Since you set a max scale
> it makes sense you
> see all size 43.
> In that case your suggestion makes sense although I'm not sure the best
> way to implement.
> I don't think strictly following the charting syntax makes sense since
> we'd then have two ways
> to bind attributes which would get confusing. Any ideas?

I think that would be really useful. Perhaps we could extend the 
attribute binding syntax to support something like this:

   SIZE [@RANGE(poptotal,18,43,5000,30000)]

and the info about the range or other attribute operation would be 
stored in the attributeBindingObj and processed in msBindLayerToShape().

However I think this should be handled separately from RFC-49 to avoid 
delaying it.

Daniel Morissette

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