[mapserver-dev] plugin renderer support status update

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Thu Dec 25 09:39:38 EST 2008


WOW!, this is a very cool Christmas present indeed! For "pre-alpha" code 
the results are already very impressive, especially at only 500 LOC for 
the Cairo plugin. Thank you very much.

Is the plan for the OpenGL effort to build on this work also?

A Very Merry Christmas to you and everyone on the list.

-Steve W

thomas bonfort wrote:
> hi guys, merry christmas to you
> I've been spending some of my holiday time on implementing "plugin"
> rendering for mapserver vector handling, and applied this on adding a
> cairo backend.
> some really pre-alpha code has been checked into the "graphics" sandbox:
>  * support for cairo output driver (currently png, svg and pdf)
>  * "plugin" renderer support (currently only cairo uses it)
>  * text layout is managed by pango for the cairo rendering (should
> open up a nice couple of things, notably for non-ascii text support)
> I still have quite a lot of work to do to support the full mapfile
> possibilities (follow text, marker/shield/filling symbols, transparent
> layers, the list goes on...)
> some samples here:
>  * reference agg output: http://terriscope.fr/ms_tmp/osmagg.png
>  * cairo png: http://terriscope.fr/ms_tmp/osmcairo.png
>  * cairo svg: http://terriscope.fr/ms_tmp/svgfile.svg
>  * cairo pdf: http://terriscope.fr/ms_tmp/pdffile.pdf
> what's really cool is that the core cairo rendering code weighs in at
> under 300 lines, thanks to the plugin approach.
> cheers,
> thomas
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