MapServer Application Design Questions

adrian kruk adrian.kruk at GMAIL.COM
Wed Jan 23 09:08:34 EST 2008

> I am not suggesting that that's the best design for your application.  But
> you started with a very specific question about thread safety and we're
> trying to back up to the broader question of application design (hence the
> edit I made to the Subject line), because it seems like that's what you are
> trying to accomplish.
I was asking about thread safety becouse architecure based on mapscript_dll
give me all functionality what I need now. This architecure is the best for
functionality, but bad for multithreading (stability and performance).

If you'd like assistance with that, then you'll need to really describe your
> application in detail.
Here is some description of simple example of talking protocol between
client and server - to easier understand. It is not all functionality.
Forget about updates, I don't need this now,  maybe in future. Application
will be created in stateful mode.

Many clients are connecting to webservice(my IIS application).
Each clients has its own map session so it means that has mapobject on
server side in session cache, on which he can set parameters like zoom,
center point, bounding rectangle, layers visibility,etc via webservice
Webservice recognises proper mapobject becouse clients sends sessionId in
each method.
e.g. SetZoom(long sessionId, float zoom).

After setting this parameters on his own map object(which is in webservice
memory),  client requests for image by executing GetImage webservice method.
After that image will be sended to the webservice client via SOAP from
webservice app.
After a while client want to see all towns with first letter "W" in name and
marked as different color. So client executes proper method on webservice.
WebService is creating new layer (filtered from towns) and put this layer to
proper mapobject. After that client execute GetImage method to see those
"w*" towns in all country (with also other layers which visibility he had
set before).
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