tickets with no milestone

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at MAPGEARS.COM
Wed Jan 23 15:01:57 EST 2008

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Kralidis,Tom [Burlington] wrote:
>> If I check, there shows open
>> tickets based on milestones.
>> However, when I check, I see a
>> majority of tickets which are not assigned to any milestone (not even
>> FUTURE).  Should these be set to FUTURE?
> Tom,
> I've never been to clear on the meaning of the FUTURE milestone other than
> that it indicates we might like to do this but it isn't expected soon.  I'm
> not sure how much better that is then just having no milestone set.

I see the FUTURE milestone as meaning "someone has looked at this and 
determined that it's a legit thing we ought to do at some point in the 
future... just not sure when". To me this is different from no 
milestone. I guess we should review all FUTURE tickets everytime we plan 
a new release, but we don't take time to do that at the moment.

Perhaps developers should get in the habit of setting a milestone when 
they look at a ticket so that tickets always show up under a proper 
milestone (I try to do that as much as possible)... and then a ticket 
with no milestone would simply mean that the ticket has not been looked 
at yet?

The main problem I see at the moment is that tickets with no milestone 
do not show up in Trac's Roadmap page and for this reason we may tend to 
ignore them. I wonder if Trac can be configured to display the empty 
milestone in that page as well? To solve this issue we could possibly 
create a "notset" or "TBD" milestone and make it the default for all new 
tickets (I just verified that this seems to be possible in the Trac 
admin page).

Daniel Morissette

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