[mapserver-dev] setConfigOption is not working

Murty Maganti MMaganti at oriongis.com
Wed May 14 13:07:54 EDT 2008



I am trying to set a CONFIG option (using C# mapscript ) but it doesn't
seems to have any affect.


Here is the code


mapObj map = new mapObj("C:\\mymap.map");

map.setConfigOption("MS_PLUGIN_DIR", "C:\\my_plugins");



imageObj image=map.draw();


It is not loading the plug-in DLL. If I set this config option directly
in the map file, it works fine. Also, when I debug and check the value
of 'plugin_library' on layerObj, it does not contain the prefix of
plug-in directory.


Am I missing in steps here? Is this a known issue?




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