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Roberto Urrutia evolutionex at hotmail.com
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Thank you for answer my question.. Ok I try to do a specific question... 

I would like to do a diagram about the internal operation of mapserver, but i  have some problems for identify some aspects . for example..

When I write this code in the .map 

NAME "river"
CONNECTION "user=db dbname=database host=robert"
DATA "geom from river"

What file (maybe files) analyze and link the information provided in the .map (CONNECTIONTYPE, CONNECTION,NAME and DATA) with the data (shp,jpg,etc  or  a database)?


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> Roberto Urrutia wrote:
> > Hello!
> > 
> > Sorry if i wrong to send this kind message to mapserver-developers,
> > but I decide to send this question , because I think is very probably
> > answer my question..
> > 
> > I am  looking for documentation,article, conference,etc. about the 
> > algorithms used in the mapserver files?
> > specifically algorithms to support spatial database in mapserver?
> > 
> > I read the documents in the web page UMN mapserver, but only explain how 
> > can i use the mapserver and not the algorithms used in the mapserver,the 
> > operation algorithm or how can mapserver do to integrate different 
> > spatial database.
> > 
> > I read each one of  the mapserver files and only have the developer name 
> > and for what is used "x" file, but no more!
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> > I hope anybody help me
> Roberto,
> Generally speaking there isn't much architectural documentation for MapServer.
> So you are reduced to "reading the source".  Much of the souce is written in
> a relatively straight forward way for a C programmer, and much of it has
> respectible inline comments.
> If you have fairly specific questions, you might also get some good info
> by asking here on the list.  But obviously your questions will need to be
> pretty focused if you hope someone will respond.
> Good luck,
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