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Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon May 19 19:55:17 EDT 2008

Roberto Urrutia wrote:
> Hello!
> Sorry if i wrong to send this kind message to mapserver-developers,
> but I decide to send this question , because I think is very probably
> answer my question..
> I am  looking for documentation,article, conference,etc. about the 
> algorithms used in the mapserver files?
> specifically algorithms to support spatial database in mapserver?
> I read the documents in the web page UMN mapserver, but only explain how 
> can i use the mapserver and not the algorithms used in the mapserver,the 
> operation algorithm or how can mapserver do to integrate different 
> spatial database.
> I read each one of  the mapserver files and only have the developer name 
> and for what is used "x" file, but no more!
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> I hope anybody help me


Generally speaking there isn't much architectural documentation for MapServer.
So you are reduced to "reading the source".  Much of the souce is written in
a relatively straight forward way for a C programmer, and much of it has
respectible inline comments.

If you have fairly specific questions, you might also get some good info
by asking here on the list.  But obviously your questions will need to be
pretty focused if you hope someone will respond.

Good luck,
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