[mapserver-dev] [Support for reading SVG symbols-MapServer-GSoC]Kiran Anjaneya Varma

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Mon Apr 27 16:10:56 EDT 2009

Dan Little wrote:
> (additional spit  balling)
> Wouldn't the raster-symbol handler be more appropriate for the SVG symbols (as opposed to the SYMBOL functionality) as SVG can carry color information...  raster-symbols can also be rotated and scaled properly.

Scaling and rotating raster symbols results in a loss of quality, so 
it's not enough to just render the SVG into a raster and then treat 
(scale/rotate) it as a raster symbol. However a simple way to approach 
this could be to scale and rotate the SVG vectors first, render that 
with colors into a small raster and then run it through the 
raster-symbol handling code... I believe that's more or less what the 
vector symbol code does already.

Daniel Morissette

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