[mapserver-dev] 5.6 Release Schedule & Release Manager

Steve Lime Steve.Lime at dnr.state.mn.us
Thu Aug 20 11:32:33 EDT 2009

Hi all: I know folks are busy but it seems like we need to get organized around another release. Starting
beta releases, at least 1 anyway, ahead of the conference seems doable to me. That points to a feature
freeze in mid-Sept. How would folks feel about that? I don't have a good feel for what's still to be added.

My big change, the single pass stuff (RFC 52), has the guts committed but the driver changes for Oracle 
and PostGIS aren't complete yet and I still need to work on query serialization. What are folks planning?
There were discussions at the sprint about a mapfile schema and transformation (MapGears), object 
references (I think Schuyler was leading), Tamas talked about mapfile serialization to a string, there
are TK/TCL mapscript changes, others????

I've created a 5.6 release plan at:


Please feel free to add to it.

A 5.6 milestone also exists in trac so a trip through your tickets will be warranted to see what needs to
be put off until 6.0.

I've done the release manager bit for the last two and would be quite happy to see someone else lead
this one. Any volunteers? Perhaps an IRC meeting is in order.


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