[mapserver-dev] History lost on RFCs in SVN trunk

Howard Butler hobu.inc at gmail.com
Thu Aug 27 12:45:36 EDT 2009

On Aug 27, 2009, at 10:49 AM, Lars Lingner wrote:

> Daniel Morissette schrieb:
>> Guys,
>> I just noticed that in the reorganization of the docs to support
>> multiple languages in svn trunk, the history of the RFCs has been  
>> lost.
>> This may not be a big deal for docs in general, but for RFCs I find  
>> that
>> the history is kind of important.

A sufficiently motivated individual who wishes to keep history should  
be able to do some svn-fu to go back and get the RFCs at the point  
they were moved and issue an 'svn mv' or 'svn copy' to their current  
location (merging any subsequent changes that have happened in the  
interim).  The history is all still there in the repository for docs  
that had it in the past.

> A side note: In last couple of month there were a few threads  
> regarding
> documentation. There wasn't much response of mapserver users, well who
> is interested in documentation work... I'm not ;))

Everyone wants docs but no one wants to work on them :)

> I'm still interested in an answer to the question asked by Daniel in  
> [1]
> The current setup is not finished from my point of view. But I'm not
> comfortable with just doing something without having asked around
> whether its the way to go or not.

I say we do it if it is the lowest friction way to get multilingual  
docs that are maintainable.  Lowest friction is whatever keeps you  
contributing ;)  There is a strong desire for these, and other  
languages like Portuguese would probably quickly jump in if we  
demonstrate how easy it can be.  The search engines that are worth  
anything are going to see that the docs contain the same text but at  
different locations and are going to give more weight to the location  
that is linked to.  If we always are waiting for permission, we're  
never going to get anything done :P

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