[mapserver-dev] History lost on RFCs in SVN trunk

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Thu Aug 27 17:18:36 EDT 2009

Howard Butler wrote:
>> Daniel Morissette schrieb:
>>> Guys,
>>> I just noticed that in the reorganization of the docs to support
>>> multiple languages in svn trunk, the history of the RFCs has been lost.
>>> This may not be a big deal for docs in general, but for RFCs I find that
>>> the history is kind of important.
> A sufficiently motivated individual who wishes to keep history should be 
> able to do some svn-fu to go back and get the RFCs at the point they 
> were moved and issue an 'svn mv' or 'svn copy' to their current location 
> (merging any subsequent changes that have happened in the interim).  The 
> history is all still there in the repository for docs that had it in the 
> past.

Since it seems that I'm not the only one who cares about the history, I 
have downloaded a local copy of the SVN repository (with snvsync, cool 
tool!) and will make a few tests to find a safe way to re-attach the 
history to those files without losing the latest changes.

Daniel Morissette

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