[mapserver-dev] mapserver 5.6.0 testing

Andy Colson andy at squeakycode.net
Fri Aug 28 11:11:24 EDT 2009

Wanted to send in a report... everything looks good.

I checked out trunk yesterday to test it out.  (the version reports 
itself as 5.5.0)

I'm using perl mapscript, and good news, it works out of the box with 
one small code change!

I was using this patch to make perl work:


and then use this perl code:

print mapscript::msIO_getStdoutBufferBytes();

For 5.5.0 (and above I hope), no patch is needed, and I changed to this 

$x = mapscript::msIO_getStdoutBufferBytes();
print $$x;

No other changes were necessary.  The map rendering looks the same.  I 
am looking forward to the next version!

Thanks all to a great program.


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