[mapserver-dev] PROJ4 and EPSG database

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Feb 12 11:41:32 EST 2009


I would point out that MapServer already has a concept of axis ordering
implemented for WCS.  Of note are the msAxisNormalizePoints() and
msAxisDenormalizePoints() functions in mapproject.c.  These are tied to
epsgaxis= settings which can be "en" for easting,northing or "ne" for

Currently mapfile.c's proj init function has a special case to set this
parameter for EPSG urn's in a particular range.  In the short term I
think this is the logical mechanism to extend when working on WMS 1.3.0.

Longer term, I'd also like to see a standalone library with good understanding
of coordinate system translation and such, under the control of MetaCRS.
Potentially extracting OGRSpatialReference from GDAL would be an approach
though how such a transition could be managed is unclear to me.

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