[mapserver-dev] Docs and Releases...

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Thu Jun 4 14:58:53 EDT 2009

Howard Butler wrote:
> Currently, the website is not using the multilingual setup that trunk 
> has, so you should only have to update the download page in the 5.4 
> branch of the docs.  One thing I really dislike about our setup is RFC 
> editing.  I saw you backporting RFC edits yesterday to both trunk and 
> the 5.4 branch to ensure that the rendered output made the website.  I 
> like having the RFCs as part of the docs because they are in many ways 
> primary documentation for a lot of things, and the internal referencing 
> of them is quite useful.  Our workflow of them isn't so good though.  
> Anyone have any ideas?

Um... I never thought of that one. Having to backport RFC changes is 
definitely not good.

It would help if there was a clear separation between software 
docs/tutorials and the general website contents in our directory 
structure. Based on a quick look, the homepage and the stuff under 
community and development are not version-dependent and should always be 
pulled from trunk: they are not tied to a release and we always want to 
publish the latest info in those cases. Is this a separation that we 
could manage on the web server or would we need to reorganize the docs 
in the SVN tree?

Daniel Morissette

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