[mapserver-dev] Docs and Releases...

Lars Lingner ml at lingner.eu
Tue Jun 9 16:49:48 EDT 2009

Lars Lingner schrieb:
> Maybe we could use the _static directory and set up some "global
> directories" in it. Another way would be to handle the directories by
> makefile.
> I'll do some tests and report back... (probably beginning of next week)

I couldn't figure out an elegant solution. Maybe someone else as an idea
when I explain how the translations are handled...

The thing is, the translations are not handled by Sphinx. The makefile
loops through each directory (en, de,...) and is calling sphinx-build
with different parameter for each language.
The output is written to buildir/html and the logic in the template is
responsible for the correct switching between the languages.

So far so good.

It would be nice to have an global directory for all language agnostic
data. This could be the mentioned download page, the RFCs, some images
and probably a few other things.

On way to go would be to maintain an list with this files. The makefile
could process it and copy the list items to each language directory.
Afterwards sphinx-build will be called.

Instead of maintaining a list, the specific files could also moved to an
directory where the makefile would read from and distribute the content
to each language directory. But this could mess up the directory structure.

This would work but the drawback is duplication of identical data.

There is also an _static directory, which will be automatically copied
by sphinx. But this is intended for custom static files like CSS and
images, so this wouldn't work for the docs.

What do you think? Would the list approach be a way to go? Are there any
other ideas?


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