[mapserver-dev] Docs and Releases...

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Wed Jun 10 16:02:58 EDT 2009

Lars Lingner wrote:
> On way to go would be to maintain an list with this files. The makefile
> could process it and copy the list items to each language directory.
> Afterwards sphinx-build will be called.
> Instead of maintaining a list, the specific files could also moved to an
> directory where the makefile would read from and distribute the content
> to each language directory. But this could mess up the directory structure.
> This would work but the drawback is duplication of identical data.
> What do you think? Would the list approach be a way to go? Are there any
> other ideas?

My first reaction as an outsider to the documentation setup is that 
duplication of identical documents is a bad thing and should be avoided 
if possible. I'm thinking mostly about the side-effect of duplication on 
search engine results... but I don't know the setup well enough to 
suggest an alternative.

Daniel Morissette

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