[mapserver-dev] Vote for MS-RFC-55: Improve control of output resolution

Bob Basques Bob.Basques at ci.stpaul.mn.us
Mon Mar 16 14:52:18 EDT 2009


I think the arguement is to set the default to handle the scaling automatically instead of requiriung the user to enter anything, unless they really do "NOT" want the printed output to look like the screen output.  IOW, no edits would be needed, unless the desire was to do something special, IE, not to edit something just to get to a default point.

Or am I reading too much between the lines?


>>> thomas bonfort <thomas.bonfort at gmail.com> 03/16/09 1:47 PM >>>
> New User: "I changed my RESOLUTION to be 300 dpi so I could print my map,
> but the text is now too small!"

this is one of the points that's addressed by this rfc. The text would
only be rendered tiny in this case only if the new user had
explicitely set defresolution to 300, which isn't likely.

that's what's kind of nice with this way of doing, as by default you
just have to set resolution to something different than 72 and all
your symbology (and labels) is scaled accordingly.

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