[mapserver-dev] axios and MapServer

Mauricio Pazos mauricio.pazos at axios.es
Mon Nov 2 03:59:31 EST 2009

Dear PMC, I am Mauricio Pazos from Axios. This year our development team was 
doing some experience with MapServer, the relevant activities were:

 - Installing WFS, WMS to publish layers maintained in Oracle and Postgis.
 - Codereview to know the source code.
This experience was successful. The product's quality is excellent, so we are 
thinking to collaborate in the future (patches, improvements ,etc.).

Right now we support uDig, GeoServer and Geotools, so we would like to add 
MapServer in that list. Could we include a link from http://www.axios.es to 
http://mapserver.org/ ? Is that possible?  

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards
Mauricio Pazos

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