[mapserver-dev] SVG Metadata

florent beauchamp flo850 at free.fr
Sat Nov 7 15:28:40 EST 2009


   I'm trying to produce interactives maps with SVG and Javascript and I found
the bug 1546, still open.

   For this, I need to associate the svg objects to the corresponding
geographical object.

   On one hand, I'm able to modify mapsvg.c, with something similar to
   On the other hand, it seems that this file will be deprecated for the 6.0
release and the cairo renderer.

   I asked the cairo mailing list, looking for a way to transmit the id
attribute. The answer is clear : there's no way to do this in the current API.
Moreover, I found that the SVG renderer of cairo is not as good as the current
one, especially for the text rendering (each char is an individual object)

   What will the current svg renderer become in the future release ?

   Is it usefull to modifiy mapsvg.c to handle this, or should I find a
workaround ?



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