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Thomas Bonfort thomas.bonfort at camptocamp.com
Sat Nov 7 16:27:46 EST 2009

first off, Assefa correct me or intervene if you see things
differently, I'm far from claiming having an authoritative role on

the status of the svg renderer is far from set in stone right now. we
have essentially three options for the future of the svg renderer:

* drop the current svg implementation and replace it completely with
the cairo provided one:
  - advantages: support comes "for free" via the cairo library, as the
code is essentially the same whatever cairo backend is used
  - inconveniences: no flexibility as to the form the svg can be
produced in. your problem is typically concerned here

* port the current svg rendering code to the new rendering architecture:
  - advantages: support of the future enhancements rendering-wise will
be "automatic", and this approach allows some liberty in adding extra
features to the output result (as in your present case)
  - inconveniences: need to find resources to do the actual port and
maintain it.

* keep the current svg and cairo implementations in parallel (which
will probably be the state during the transition) :
  - advantages and inconveniences derive from above. maintenance
effort to keep the current svg code updodate featurewise is incertain
due to lack of resources.

so, no real answers to give you concerning your actual problem, but at
least here is some info to help you make your choice.


ps: if you want to volunteer to help on the subject, please don't refrain ;)

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On Sat, Nov 7, 2009 at 21:28, florent beauchamp <flo850 at free.fr> wrote:
> Hi,
>   I'm trying to produce interactives maps with SVG and Javascript and I found
> the bug 1546, still open.
>   For this, I need to associate the svg objects to the corresponding
> geographical object.
>   On one hand, I'm able to modify mapsvg.c, with something similar to
>   On the other hand, it seems that this file will be deprecated for the 6.0
> release and the cairo renderer.
>   I asked the cairo mailing list, looking for a way to transmit the id
> attribute. The answer is clear : there's no way to do this in the current API.
> Moreover, I found that the SVG renderer of cairo is not as good as the current
> one, especially for the text rendering (each char is an individual object)
>   What will the current svg renderer become in the future release ?
>   Is it usefull to modifiy mapsvg.c to handle this, or should I find a
> workaround ?
> Regards
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