[mapserver-dev] Call for a 5.6.1 release...

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Sat Jan 2 21:42:19 EST 2010

Stephen Woodbridge wrote:
> Lime, Steve D (DNR) wrote:
>> Hi all: I just fixed a couple of inconvenient bugs in 5.6 that broke 
>> some point-based queries via the CGI. Without the fixes some
>> folks won't be able to upgrade. I've got a whole bunch of query test 
>> cases I need to get into the automated testing to avoid this
>> in the future. Are others sitting on changes in the 5.6 trunk that 
>> could go into 5.6.1?
>> Steve
>> BTW Ticket is http://trac.osgeo.org/mapserver/ticket/3246...
> Steve,
> Can you verify the Legends embeded in the image work correctly?
> I just tried to generate one and I'm having troubles getting anything 
> that looks like a legend to show up. I'm in rc5, but will upgrade to the 
> released version and see if the makes a difference.
>     LEGEND
>       OUTLINECOLOR "#000000"
>       STATUS embed
>       POSITION lr
>       KEYSIZE 40 40
>       KEYSPACING 5 5
>       LABEL
>         FONT "arial"
>         SIZE 10
>         COLOR '#000000'
>       END
>     END
> Also tried it with mode=legend an get the same blank image.
> If its a bug let me know and I'll write a ticket if you want.
> Thanks,
>   -Steve W
> PS: Happy New Year Everyone.

OK, upgraded to 5.6 released and get the same behavior. It's been a long 
time since I last tried to do anything with legends, so it might just be me.

On a somewhat related note, I just tried to generate a legendicon and 
that seems to work ok and I get a 40x40 pixel image. How can I change 
the size of the icon image. I don't see anything in the docs and nothing 
I have tried has any impact.

   -Steve W

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