[mapserver-dev] GeoServer superseeding MapServer in Europe?

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Wed Jul 7 14:10:34 EDT 2010

(sliding in with my 2 cents)

It's about the user side of the software - GeoServer now includes 
viewers, admin tools, GUIs of processing tools...all not included by 
MapServer (yet so required for new users).  Add all that to OpenGeo's 
strong team and promotion, and we are guaranteed to see more and more 
organizations switching to GeoServer.

(throwing salt on the wound: although the rankings were not published, 
GeoServer dominated the top 10 FOSS4G2010 abstracts as ranked by the 

Clearly we've made our software fast and customizable for power users. 
Should our next goal be to make it more user friendly?


Daniel Morissette wrote:
> Hi Bart,
> I saw that you tweeted the following this morning:
> "bartvdeijnden: #Geoserver is superseding #Mapserver at least here in
> Europe and I am starting to switch mentally as well (as an early adopter
> of Mapserver)"
> Would you care to please elaborate on the reasons you see for this, and
> perhaps guide us on what we can do to help this situation?
> I can't imagine that the slower pace of new developments and releases of
> the last year or two is the only reason for that (or is it?). Your
> feedback and thoughts would be much welcome.

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