[mapserver-dev] GeoServer superseeding MapServer in Europe?

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Wed Jul 7 14:57:01 EDT 2010

Jeff McKenna wrote:
> (throwing salt on the wound: although the rankings were not published,
> GeoServer dominated the top 10 FOSS4G2010 abstracts as ranked by the
> community)

There would need to be more MapServer presentation proposals in the
first place if we want to do better on that front, so we are in large
part to blame for this poor result. It's been like this for several
years... somehow the typical MapServer community member is not the

Since you opened the FOSS4G selection process can of worms, I am of the
opinion that the current FOSS4G selection process has some problems and
needs some work, as demonstrated by the fact that several
people/organizations got multiple talks, while at the same time several
others with less prominent names got turned down with very interesting
proposals. I got comments from several people about that after the
FOSS4G selection results were announced.

Daniel Morissette

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