[mapserver-dev] Re: GeoServer superseeding MapServer in Europe?

AxuMagic3496 magic3496 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 17:02:58 EDT 2010

I am also a new user of MapServer. My experience with configuration of a Map
File started when I wanted to produce images for animation from GIS data (I
was introduced to fwtools by a colleague). At that time, I had a hard time
getting any information on how to compile it on Windows. The solution, I
found a windows compilation on the web, I was able to do what I needed.


Then I started to look into using MapServer. I tried to compile MapServer on
Solaris (our web server), I found out that it is not easy. No documentation
exists, perhaps no one has done it before. I also found out that it requires
too many dependencies, and they are all over the place. I attempted to
compile and gave-up. At last I used the FGS MapServer implementation on
Ubuntu using a temporary server. My site is working but I can not update it
with additional libraries that I would like to use.


I know some would not want to share for free what they know because it is
their means of earning income. Does any of this insider knowledge gets
presented at any of the user conference? May be I can come and learn.





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