[mapserver-dev] MapScript resultsGetShape confusion

Christian Jauvin cjauvin at gmail.com
Thu May 27 10:25:17 EDT 2010


I've been using the new layerObj.resultsGetShape function with MS >=
5.6.0, both with Python and PHP MapScript.

(1) My first issue is that it seems that something changed with
version 5.6.3 of Python MS (I'm using MS4W beta 11) because calls to
that function that used to work now hangs the server. The PHP
equivalent code still works fine though.

(2) My second issue is with the signature difference between the
Python and PHP versions of the same function: if I want to retrieve a
certain queried shape in Python, I do this:

shp = shapeObj(MS_SHAPE_NULL)
layer.resultsGetShape(shp, target_shpindex)

and then shp is what I want, whereas in PHP it takes only one
argument, and returns the desired shape. Why is that?

(3) My third issue is that to make my first issue works, I noticed
that I can simply use layerObj.getFeature instead, which seems to be
doing the same job. What is the difference between those?

Best regards,


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