[mapserver-dev] RFC 62: Support Additional WFS GetFeature Output Formats

Yewondwossen Assefa yassefa at dmsolutions.ca
Fri Oct 8 09:31:25 EDT 2010

  Hi Frank,

  Couple of questions that I had reading the RFC:

   - would a user need to define always the OGR outputs in a map file or 
does it make sense to have some that are commonly used defined by 
default in MapServer (I am thinking of a json output with an 
application/json output format)?

   - Just to clarify, would the user needs to add a IMAGEMODE FEATURE in 
his output block for an ogr driver or is it implied?

  - there is also the use the format option ATTACHEMENT used for the 
template drivers to set the "Content-disposition: attachment", is that 
similar to FORMATOPTION "FILENAME..."? If that is the case we should 
change the ATTACHEMENT to FILENAME to have consistency.

  - out of curiosity, will you  introduce a zip library like minzip in 
this work? I was looking into this for kmz output.

  - Regarding the outstanding issues:
     *  I am not sure I understand the first one "..support the WFS 
limit on number of features": wouldn't the query be done prior to 
getting to the msReturnTemplate, and thus respecting things line 
maxfeatures set on the layer?

    *  re. gml_include_items: are you thinking also of using 
gml_exclude_items and aliases? I am not sure I can think of other 
mechanisms to get the list of attributes.

   * re strong tying: would the gml_[item_name]_type be enough to do a 
valid output (if It is defined), or were you thinking have having the 
types in MapServer at read time?


On 07/10/2010 10:11 PM, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Folks,
> I have completed a prototype implementation of support for OGR output
> in WFS, including support for RFC 36 templates as an output mechanism.
> I have also prepared a preliminary RFC for the new capabilities which
> I'd like to float for discussion before calling for a vote:
>   http://www.mapserver.org/trunk/development/rfc/ms-rfc-62.html
> I'd like to finish work on the RFC and call for a vote by Monday.
> Best regards,

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