[mapserver-dev] WMS GetCapabilities 1.3.0 behaviour

Guillaume Sueur no-reply at neogeo-online.net
Fri Oct 22 08:22:43 EDT 2010


I'm still digging into WMS 1.3.0 getCapabilities behaviour with 
MapServer 5.6.5.
There is some blur point for me.
My mapfile is advertised as being EPSG:27562, with an specified metric 
extent of 775000 60800 820000 116000. It gives :
<BoundingBox CRS="EPSG:27562" minx="775000" miny="60800" maxx="820000" 

which is perfect.

My layer has got the same parameters. It I fill up an EXTENT at the 
layer level with the same values as above, it gives me the same perfect 
result. BUT, if I don't declare any extent for the layer, it returns 
weird results :
<BoundingBox CRS="EPSG:27562" minx="-2.5e+07" miny="-2.5e+07" 
maxx="2.5e+07" maxy="2.5e+07"/>

How are these values calculated ? Why doesn't the layer inherit from map 
extent when no extent is specified ?



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