[mapserver-dev] Re: Motion: Adopt MS RFC-61 - Enhance MapServer Feature Style Support

Alan Boudreault aboudreault at mapgears.com
Thu Sep 30 12:23:22 EDT 2010

Ok, I've fixed the mapserver site multilanguage functionnallity: the script 
that was copying untranslated files in the different language directories had 
been lost when the old server died. Now the build scripts are in svn. 

I've modified the build_docs script to use the RFCs from trunk when building. 
So, when you write a rfc, you only have to commit it in trunk and add its name 
in the rfc/index.txt file. Note that you can also see a preview of the 
development version of the documentation at this url: 


On September 30, 2010 08:33:55 am Daniel Morissette wrote:
> Alan Boudreault wrote:
> > To fix this simply, one thing that we could do is to copy all the RFCs
> > (for all languages) from trunk in the 5-6 branch during the
> > documentation update. That way, all rfcs would be up-to-date on the site
> > web. At the same time, I can set mapserver.org/trunk to have a preview
> > of the current trunk doc.
> BTW, just to clarify, what Alan means here is to have the hourly update
> script on mapserver.org copy the RFC files from the trunk directory to
> branch-5.6 directory after the svn update... that would happen locally
> on the mapserver.org server itself without affecting anything in the SVN
> repository or changing anything to the way devs/docs contributors work
> on docs locally on their systems.
> Makes sense?
> Daniel

Alan Boudreault
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