[mapserver-dev] MapScript for Delphi

Fabrizio Vita fabrizio.vita at inwind.it
Tue Aug 9 13:42:04 EDT 2011

Hello everybody,

I would like to inform anyone interested that I'm writing a MapScript
wrapper for use with Delphi, based on MapScript.dll (C# version). At the
moment, I have referenced about 800 functions exported by the dll of 1200
total, and created corresponding Delphi VCL classes, but I think that I can
complete this work in another couple of days. I already started creating
some web server (= CGI developed with Delphi XE + MapScript) based on this,
in alternative to the ASP.NET + MapScript code that I found on internet, and
it works smoothly. 

Now, do you think that this work can be interesting for the community? Are
there any chances to have a revenue for this work? If yes, what is the way
you can suggest to release it (Open source, commercial, etc)? 

For anyone interested, I can provide a test application.






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