[mapserver-dev] MapScript for Delphi

Tamas Szekeres szekerest at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 16:39:28 EDT 2011

Hi Fabrizio,

Maintaining a "hand-made" interface may be painful vs. an autogenerated one
(like csharp), though it may work (like the php mapscript for example) when
having a fair amout of the community members to keep it up to date. Do you
think you would have enough interest to take the maintainer's role if that
was "officially" added in MapServer?

Have you already been trying to use the regasm
register the csharp bindings as a COM callable wrapper which could
be called from Delphi as well? This seems to be a more straightforward
option, though I don't have any experiences in this topic.

Best regards,


2011/8/9 Fabrizio Vita <fabrizio.vita at inwind.it>

> Hello everybody,****
> I would like to inform anyone interested that I’m writing a MapScript
> wrapper for use with Delphi, based on MapScript.dll (C# version). At the
> moment, I have referenced about 800 functions exported by the dll of 1200
> total, and created corresponding Delphi VCL classes, but I think that I can
> complete this work in another couple of days. I already started creating
> some web server (= CGI developed with Delphi XE + MapScript) based on this,
> in alternative to the ASP.NET + MapScript code that I found on internet,
> and it works smoothly. ****
> Now, do you think that this work can be interesting for the community? Are
> there any chances to have a revenue for this work? If yes, what is the way
> you can suggest to release it (Open source, commercial, etc)? ****
> For anyone interested, I can provide a test application.****
> Thanks!****
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> Fabrizio****
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