[mapserver-dev] Preparing for FOSS4G MapServer Status Presentation...

Steve Lime sdlime at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 11:00:09 EDT 2011

Hi all: The conference is coming up quick and I have a 20 minute
presentation to ready. That's not much time to update folks on what's
happened the last year. I was thinking of this as an outline:

1. Introductions (all developers/PSC members welcome)
2. Releases
  a) Major 6.0 Release
    - quick review of major changes (rendering plug-in, OGR output
formats, new expression parser, OWS improvements, etc...)
  b) Minor release review
3. Community Participation
  a) WMS Shootout
  b) Code Sprint
  c) Others to highlight at a project level?
4. What's next
  a) Highlight RFCs 70 and 71
  b) Google SoC project (could be part of 3, I'd really like to
highlight the INSPIRE work)
  c) New development plans (need feedback from devs what they're thinking)

Finish with Q/A. Whew...



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