[mapserver-dev] Preparing for FOSS4G MapServer Status Presentation...

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Fri Aug 26 11:34:04 EDT 2011

Hi Steve,

Your outline looks good.  You can add "Documentation Translations" to 
the Community Participation section.

(I have both 2010 and 2009 foss4g reports online if we need a starting 
template...2010 is: 


On 11-08-23 12:00 PM, Steve Lime wrote:
> Hi all: The conference is coming up quick and I have a 20 minute
> presentation to ready. That's not much time to update folks on what's
> happened the last year. I was thinking of this as an outline:
> 1. Introductions (all developers/PSC members welcome)
> 2. Releases
>    a) Major 6.0 Release
>      - quick review of major changes (rendering plug-in, OGR output
> formats, new expression parser, OWS improvements, etc...)
>    b) Minor release review
> 3. Community Participation
>    a) WMS Shootout
>    b) Code Sprint
>    c) Others to highlight at a project level?
> 4. What's next
>    a) Highlight RFCs 70 and 71
>    b) Google SoC project (could be part of 3, I'd really like to
> highlight the INSPIRE work)
>    c) New development plans (need feedback from devs what they're thinking)
> Finish with Q/A. Whew...
> Throughts?

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