[mapserver-dev] SLD and Postgis/Postgres

Espen.Messel at ffi.no Espen.Messel at ffi.no
Fri Dec 2 03:10:51 EST 2011

Hello all.

I'm struggling with SLD and Postgis/Postgres.  It looks like version
6.0.1 of Mapserver do not draw a SLD based polygon layer correctly. It
looks like Mapserver only uses the first PolygonSymbolizer in the sld
for all filters. 

I have tested the "Attribute-based polygon" from Geoserver SLD cookbook.

Everything works fine when the mapfile use the shapefile, but after
import to Postgis/Postgres it fails. When using an older version of
Mapserver (5.2) on the same database and SLD it all works fine.

Is this a known issue, or shall I register a ticket?

Best regards,

Espen Messel

Espen Messel
Norwegian Defence Research Establishment 
Tel:  +47 63807607

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